Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is here

We complained when it was rainy and cold for weeks on end, and now the heat has come with a vengence. There is never an in-between season in Indiana anymore. Ugh.

I will do a quick update of the last 2 months but it will be pictureless... they are all on my phone.

I signed up for the Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon in September. I am looking forward to having a larger goal to train for again. My calf is acting up again, which I assume is from overuse and crap flip-flops, so I am pampering it as best as I can. I got new shoes (!!!) and they are fabulous. I am busy trying to work, workout and spend time with Keith and Gracie, and its truly a balancing act. Every day is different and going so quickly.

We went to Florida in May for Veronica's high school graduation. Gracie was a super-star on the plane, not even making a peep. She ate, played and read, and enjoyed watching everyone else. She got to take her 1st dip in the pool while we were there and she loved it. She also got her 1st tooth, which was pretty cool for us. She is growing leaps and bounds! She loved hanging out with both sides of our family, but thought Lucy and Bryan were the bomb. She couldnt take her eyes off of them! She also stayed with her Aunt Kelly for a whole day while we went to the graudation. Lots of firsts on this trip!

Back home, Gracie mastered the art of baby mobility. Not only was she sitting up and rolling all over, she figured out how to army crawl. She is getting faster so we really have to keep our eyes on her now! She is constantly in motion - always wanting to bounce, clap, play, you name it - whic doesn't suprise me since I never slowed down when I was pregnant. Maybe she will be a runner or a swimmer? We can hope! She is very observant / nosey and easily distracted but is still such a happy baby, smiling all the time. She is such a joy! She loves sitting in the grass, people watching, trying to pet Eldon when he slows down enough, being sung to and smiles from her daddy. She is a happy 8 month old!

Keith has started baseball again and is on a really great team this year. I hope Gracie and I will be able to make at least a few games even though they are on week nights. He just spent a guys weekend in TN fishing and riding motorcycles in the Smoky Mountains, and came back refreshed and relaxed. He has purchases a new motorcycle, so we are selling his Yamaha if you are interested!!! He has another big fishing trip planned in July too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There has been a delay

I can't seem to keep up with the blog these days. When I get done working, go to the gym and finally get home, the last thing I want to do is be on the computer. So, I can only do my best - please bear with me. These 3 pics are the only ones I have on my computer right now and they are very random.

Gracie is officially 6 months old. How fast the time goes. She rolls all over the place, spits - which is hilarious, sits up, says dada and is eating solid food. I am pureeing my own organic fruits and veggies instead of buying the jars. Its amazing how easy it is and how much money it saves. TONS! I just pour the puree in ice cube trays, freeze it and its good to go. Gracie is digging it! Sweet potatoes and acorn squash are her favs and she isn't a fan of bananas, which got the big fist pump from me. Gracie has been spending a good amount of time in the jog stroller and loves it. The above pic was last weekend when I couldn't resist going out for a run in the warm weather. She is such a diva.

The Easter bunny brought her squishy blocks instead of chocolate. Next year, just wait! She loves the blocks and they put a smile on her face, as you can see. She is a super happy baby and sleeps like a champ. Gotta love that! Her 1st Easter was a busy one. She had a new, beautiful purple dress on with an oversized bow in her hair and it just melted my heart to celebrate the Risen Lord's day with her. We had Keith's mom visiting with us for a week, so the 4 of us went to church in the morning, met my family for lunch in the afternoon and after many hours on the road, we were home.

Gracie and Keith made a stop at the HCSO for a visit a few weeks ago. I know, not the greatest pic, but we were in the new gazillion $ dispatch vehicle and I wanted to show the pic. Its amazing what kind of technology I get to work with every day. There was an article in Time Magazine a few weeks ago that I was interviewed for and am very proud of. You can read it here.

We are looking forward to Gracie's 1st airplane flight in May when we go to Florida to attend our niece's high school graduation. I am back to running and have missed the high a race provides so I am dragging Keith with me for the Run 4 Everett in August. You should ALL participate in that rac, not only because its for a great cause on a scenic course, but because its Dave's son and most of you know him personally. If you can't run it, consider making a donation. I am also throwing around a few half marathon options to run in the fall if I can find a plan I can stick to that will work with my 3 weights classes a week. Keith is gearing up for fishing and some fun mountain trips coming up. Over all, its business as usual around our house, just with a baby in tow!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Flying By

This last month has really flown by. With my return to work, Gracie's baptism, planning the IGIC Conference which was last week, and in general trying to have a life, I don't know where the time has gone.

Gracie is really growing like a weed. People laugh when I tell them she now weighs 12 lbs and is 23.5" long. She seems so big to me and has doubled her birth weight, so she is really big. Each child is so different, I hate that people compare her to other kids by weight, etc. God made her perfect for us. She is eating rice cereal now which tastes like wet cardboard. I don't like messes, so it stresses me out a little to see her covered in glue-like crud, but it is a lot of fun.

I updated the blogs I follow on the right hand bar of my blog. It figured it was time to take some off and change the names of others. I also added a new one for the new auxilary bishop here in Indy. He has a funny sense of humor at times and I enjoy his blog a lot. It keeps me grounded and its a good reminder that priests are people too. Our priest if becoming one of my favorite people to get to know these days and I hope we can meet the new auxilary bishop soon.

I also updated the race heading on the blog. It was time to change it from 2009 to 2011... now I just need to decide which races I am doing. The only one for sure is the Race for Everett in August. I will get the link for that up soon. I may try for a fall half marathon, but my immediate focus is counting the days until Keith, Gracie and i can get out in the BOB jogger.

I have been doing more weights and am dedicated to going to the Saturday morning class at the gym with Allison and Jamie. It has done me a world of good so far! I feel stronger mentally and physically and am confortably tired when I am done. Now if I could just hit the roads for some runs, it would be the perfect storm.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Gracie's Baptism

Gracie received the blessed sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, January 23rd at St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church. We were so fortunate to have most of the family come into town to celebrate with us. We had a private baptism at the church and a small reception afterwards at our home. Kel and the kids flew in for the weekend and that made it so special!Matthew and Bryan
Us enjoying a funny moment during the ceremony with Father Bill. He also came to our house for the reception and we found out he is originally from Chicago and is a Cubs and Bears fan. He fit right in!
Father Bill blessing us as a family. This was such a meaningful moment for us.
The 'money' shot. Gracie gets the pure water poured over her head.
Gracie is wearing the same baptismal gown that Keith wore 37 years ago. Actually, Keith's 2 brothers and his sister Mary wore the same gown as well. Karyn had a different gown since she is Keith's twin.
Gracie with us and her Godparents. We chose Keith's brother Mark (Gracie's Uncle) and my Aunt Becky (Gracie's Great Aunt) to be her Godparents who will help us raise her in the ways of the church.
My favorite family photo.
Gracie and her Aunt Kelly. Such a graet picture!
Our four generation pic. My mom, my Grandma Handy, Gracie and I.
Gracie's grandparents. My parents are on the left and Keith's mom is on the right.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Back to Reality

I have been back to work for a few weeks now and have finally gotten into a good routine. Gracie is healthy and happy at home with Keith and I have made my debut back at the gym. It was not pretty! I met Jamie and 2 of her friends for a butt-kicker class early Saturday morning. I remember pre-baby that making it to the 9:45am class was a real struggle, but now that I am up at 5:45 each morning, 9:45 seemed a lot easier. The class was awesome and I realized how much I missed it. I was energized, sweaty and exhausted... and it felt great. Granted, I was sore as hell for the next 3 days, but it was worth it.

Running is going ok. My speed is still the same, but my endurance and distance is pretty dismal. So, I am starting to run right after work at the gym until it gets nicer out (above 40 degrees) so I can still get home to spend time with Gracie and Keith. Once it gets nicer though, we are taking Gracie with us in the 'Bob', our new jog stroller we have yet to break out. I suppose I should wait until it's 45 degrees before I take her out though. :)

Gracie is growing like a weed. She is belly laughing and jabbering all the time. She is such a miracle to us and we are enjoying every moment with her.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Santa filled our stockings

Christmas was so much fun this year! My little peanut was small enough to fit into a stocking and we had a camera, so we had a mini photo shoot. Some of my favs are below.
I return to work Monday and Keith is going to be a stay-at-home dad for a while. We are excited to be able to do this for Gracie! She is going to have so much fun with him!
My running is back to a schedule of sorts. I have not ventured outside yet, which is not typical for me since I love running in the snow and cold weather, but its been easier to jump on our treadmill and hit the miles while Gracie sleeps. I am hoping to get back to the gym and mix it up with some classes soon.
I am looking at some races for the next year too. Of course, we are all doing the Race 4 Everett (and you should too) in August, either as volunteers or as runners. I may also sign up for the Indy women's half marathon in September. Its the 1st year for both races and I am excited to see how they pan out. I haven't decided wether to do a spring half marathon or not, but if I do, it will likely be the Geist Half in May. I am also throwing around a full marathon, but that may wait until 2012 so I can get some smaller races under my belt again. Anyone want to join me??

Friday, December 31, 2010

Many blessings

Our 1st Christmas with Gracie was so memorable. As we look forward to 2011, we can't help but reminisce about all the wonderful events of 2010. May you all be so very blessed and enjoy every single moment God gives you! The blessing of a family.
The bessing of friends.
The blessing of babies...the true Christmas story.