Friday, February 04, 2011

Gracie's Baptism

Gracie received the blessed sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, January 23rd at St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church. We were so fortunate to have most of the family come into town to celebrate with us. We had a private baptism at the church and a small reception afterwards at our home. Kel and the kids flew in for the weekend and that made it so special!Matthew and Bryan
Us enjoying a funny moment during the ceremony with Father Bill. He also came to our house for the reception and we found out he is originally from Chicago and is a Cubs and Bears fan. He fit right in!
Father Bill blessing us as a family. This was such a meaningful moment for us.
The 'money' shot. Gracie gets the pure water poured over her head.
Gracie is wearing the same baptismal gown that Keith wore 37 years ago. Actually, Keith's 2 brothers and his sister Mary wore the same gown as well. Karyn had a different gown since she is Keith's twin.
Gracie with us and her Godparents. We chose Keith's brother Mark (Gracie's Uncle) and my Aunt Becky (Gracie's Great Aunt) to be her Godparents who will help us raise her in the ways of the church.
My favorite family photo.
Gracie and her Aunt Kelly. Such a graet picture!
Our four generation pic. My mom, my Grandma Handy, Gracie and I.
Gracie's grandparents. My parents are on the left and Keith's mom is on the right.